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VetSec is where veterans go to find a world-class community that is here to help them find meaningful employment in cybersecurity. Our vision is to create a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed. We do this, first and foremost, by creating a community welcoming all veterans and transitioning military. Second, we partner with world-class training providers to help with low or no-cost training for our members. Finally, we couple that with events to assist in hiring those that have served, like conference participation and our own virtual conference, VetSecCon.

We are a home for those who served – those who are transitioning into or wanting to upskill into cybersecurity. We offer a community of like-minded veterans and a bridge to transition from the military into meaningful employment, with resources and guidance along the way.


To provide education, employment, and transition assistance to veterans seeking a career in cybersecurity.


To create a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed.

Our Programs​


– Education

We partner with the best possible cybersecurity training providers there are to provide our servicemembers with the skills they need to enter the workforce in a variety of job roles. We align the content from our partners to pathways in cyber to help inform our members on the skills they need to become gainfully employed in the industry.


– Employment Services

We provide resume help, interview preparation, and job listings to all of our members to help them prepare themselves for their transition from the military to the IT and cybersecurity industry. We also connect our members to our partners that are hiring to help them find their next role.


– Community

We run VetSecCon to bring industry leaders to our membership, a community platform to enable our members to learn from each other and network professionally, and a mentorship program that allows those who have already successfully transitioned into the industry a chance to help others.


From Nuclear Technician to Cybersecurity VP

Before discovering VetSec, our member served as a nuclear power technician in the United States Navy, equipped with formal education in IT and cybersecurity but lacking practical experience and clear guidance for the impending transition to civilian life. The myriad of unknowns from resumes to specific career paths in cybersecurity presented daunting obstacles. Yet, the turning point came upon a simple web search leading to VetSec, a community-driven haven where hundreds of members eagerly offer support to one another.

From Air Force Intelligence to Security Researcher​

This individual served four years in the United States Air Force, working in various non-technical and semi-technical roles. With an impending transition out of the Air Force and a significant technical skills gap identified, the journey to a cybersecurity career seemed fraught with uncertainties. The discovery of VetSec marked the beginning of a transformative journey.



Support Us and Change the Course of a Servicemember’s Life Today!

Our resources are provided free to our members. We rely on strategic partners, sponsors, and donations from the general community, which are all tax-deductible. Please consider supporting via a donation, volunteering your time, or sharing information about VetSec with your employer. For more information about how you may be able to help, please contact us at

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