A Global Partnership

Founded in 2021, the Veteran Global Tech Network is a collaborative network between the leaders of organizations that are run with the same principled, moral, and ethical approach to support our veterans and service leavers around the world.

This is a collaborative network providing opportunity to:
– Share knowledge, experience, and discuss lessons learned.
– Share trends, successes, and failures.
– Participate in joint activities (such as Capture the Flag events).
– Anything else that may be of benefit to our mutual organizations!

The Veteran Global Tech Network had their first, in-person meetup, courtesy of Fortinet and the Veterans Program Advisory Council, in September of 2023, and meet virtually periodically to discuss items that benefit our mutual missions.

Veteran Global Tech Network Partners

TechVets is a non-profit in the United Kingdom that exists as a bridge for veterans and service leavers into cyber security and technology careers. We want to alleviate the issue of unemployment and underemployment in the veteran community by ensuring all veterans can combine their military experience with their new leading digital skills acquired through the TechVets community to gain sustainable careers in technology.

VetSec is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to create a world where no veteran pursuing a career in cybersecurity goes unemployed. Offering a first of its kind community of veterans in cybersecurity, mentorship, resume reviews, and educational resources, VetSec aims to help veteran unemployment and mental health and close the cyber skills gap.

Coding for Veterans helps Canada’s military veterans to retrain and reskill for jobs in Canada’s tech sector. If there is a “secret sauce,” it’s our personal approach. We help Canada’s war heroes to retrain into software development and cyber security.

Vets in Cyber (Australia) is a grass roots led organization that hosts networking and presentation events for cyber security professionals that want to learn and support the Brisbane Veteran and Servicing personnel within this industry.


Support Us and Change the Course of a Servicemembers’s Life Today!

Our resources are provided free to our members. We rely on strategic partners, sponsors, and donations from the general community, which are all tax-deductible. Please consider supporting via a donation, volunteering your time, or sharing information about VetSec with your employer. For more information about how you may be able to help, please contact us at info@vetsec.org.

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